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“Counter-Strike 2”, in the form of CS:GO with the engine upgrade, is in the works and will be beta-tested in a month’s time. At least that’s what game journalist Richard Lewis’ sources say, but Nvidia’s latest driver also contains references to the game.

Lewis sources, which readers of Dexerto may know, have a “knowledge of game development” and state that the game with the working title Counter-Strike 2 has been in the works for some time and that the beta will be released in March or any other day at the latest. Starting in April. Working on CS2 will also be the reason why some bugs in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive take longer than usual.

The big change from CS: GO will be the use of Source Engine 2. Naturally, this must be accompanied by a graphic upgrade. An example of a game that runs on Source 2, as well as Dota 2, is Half-Life: Alyx.

Besides upgrading to a newer engine, not much will likely change. The piece also calls the game a “remake of CS:GO”. There’s also something to be said for that: the current Counter-Strike has a huge community of gamers, of both unofficial players as competitive professionals. This, in turn, is related to the huge skins economy and tournament circuit surrounding the game. By making CS2 very similar to CS:GO, the problematic dichotomy of that community is avoided.

Lewis sources also report that hash rate of official servers from 64 to 128. That would bring the game up to par with competitor Valorant in this regard. Sources say it wasn’t certain if this would work in time for the beta. In addition, the game will have an improved matchmaking system, so that players will no longer have to go to third party services to be matched with players of a similar skill level.

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Whether CS2 will eventually replace CS:GO, Lewis had no answer yet. Counter-Strike still exists with CS:GO, but Dota 2 was different when it moved to Source 2. The original then continued as Dota 2, until it was decided that the new game, Dota 2 Reborn, was better enough than the original, after which Replaced.

The reason why the rumor mill has turned is because fans of Valve Found references For the game in Nvidia driver. The drivers contain profiles specific to CS2. It may contain enhanced settings. Several unannounced titles have already been leaked via Nvidia GeForce NOW.

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