Acer announces Chromebook Spin 513 with MediaTek Kompanio 1380 octacore – Computer – News

With the 128MB variant, you can run all the Android apps and Linux apps you want side by side in your sandboxes in addition to your Chromebook’s normal functionality.

Jamulus works well, as well as audacity and ffmpeg encoder works fast enough. The user interface that controls ffmpeg also works to seamlessly integrate your video. Actively share video screen with audio as well as real-time audio to text, translate it and your webcam.

And if you use it to work in a traditional company: Microsoft Teams consumes your resources — always.

And you get a 6-year warranty on virus-free environment updates.

Does it break? Log in to another account and connect where you were, within 10 minutes.

Or if it’s a software thing: within 10 minutes you did a factory reset, logged in and everything was configured as you had it, apps etc.

Microsoft is now making this happen with Windows 11, but with your Chomebook it’s been like that from the start – and it still is..

In the evening you use it for sheet music, inverted. Beautiful sharp screen, beautiful reading. In fact, this does not cost any resources. It’s a good thing that during the day you don’t necessarily have to make sure you have enough battery left to do your workout in the evening.

And why buy x64 when the world switches to ARM? See Apple laptops, iPhone and iPad, see AWS Graviton (3rd generation already – servers and SaaS like AWS Lambda), Android phone schedules, etc.
So why are you still choosing an architecture that is being replaced by ARM in all sorts of areas?

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