Windows 11 Smart App Control will block downloaded .isos files

Windows 11 Smart App Control will block downloaded .isos files

Smart App Control for Windows 11 will soon release .iso and . lnk downloaded Auto block. David Weston, Vice President of OS Security and Enterprise at Microsoft, tweeted that the updated feature is already available in newer Insider builds. can be tested.

Files downloaded on the Internet are provided with a so-called “Mark-of-the-Web” by browsers. An alternate stream (an ntfs feature) is added to the file named “Zone.identifier”. The stream describes the “region” the file is coming from. For example, zone 0 belongs to the computer itself, zone 2 is a trusted website and zone 3 is “somewhere on the Internet”.

Smart App Control reads the Zone.identifier stream and determines if blocking is a good idea based on the zone and file type. So now files with zone 3 extensions .iso and . lnk automatically, and According to Will Dorman This also happens with .img and . vhd and . vhdx.

Smart App Control will be part of the upcoming Windows 11 22H2 release. Less experienced users will especially benefit from it. For people who download .iso files regularly, the extra clicking work quickly becomes boring. Fortunately, the function can easily be turned off in the settings, but note: turning it off is permanent, and turning the function back on can only be done with a clean reinstall of Windows 11.

Smart app control feature is on.

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