Get rich in eating potato chips, it is really possible

Get rich in eating potato chips, it is really possible

Chips are delicious, but unfortunately not healthy. Kim from Nuenen discovered that it can also have benefits. I found a special chip, the wallet of which has become thicker and not the same.

A month ago, Kim opened a bag of sweet pepper chips. At first it looked like a bag like any other, but when Kim took a closer look at one of the chips, she saw what a guinea pig looked like.

Pointed nose, short legs and a thick back. Everything was going on. Kim decided not to eat the chip, but instead put it up for sale on Marktplaats.

Several people put on a show and of course there were the necessary clowns in between. The most extreme offer was 10 million euros.

Kim chose to let these “bids” go. I finally found a suitable buyer, and the chip fetched 420.69 euros, as I wrote on Marktplaats. Still a very good price for a single chip.

good investment
With that proceeds, Kim could buy hundreds of bags of chips. This can be a good investment, as they may find more chip animals.

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