Ali B steals his “watch” during an armed robbery of his house | gossip

Ali B steals his "watch" during an armed robbery of his house |  gossip

“I was robbed with my driver on my street. I can’t say anything else because of the police investigation. We’re fine, we’re healthy. People wanted something, I gave it. I hope they catch the culprits. Ali said. He also says he doesn’t want any Other interviews on this topic “I’m going to let the police do their job.”

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Omroep tells Flevoland that his “watch” has been stolen. The rapper says he’s not necessarily shocked. “You’re reading increasingly that things like this happen,” Ali B told the broadcaster, referring to past robberies of Dutch celebrities. “Somewhere was already in my head: it could happen someday.”

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‘I’m pround of it’

Ali B sat at the table at Op1 on Wednesday, where he said he had an expensive watch. “I have a watch, I’m proud of it, and I’m happy with it,” he said on the broadcast as he promoted his new book, The Ali Bey Way. He then agreed that Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Gronhuizen said it was an “expensive watch”.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a Dutch celebrity has had to deal with an (armed) robbery. Recently, Lil Klein had to deal with a brutal robbery in which his watch was stolen. Nikki de J├Ąger, Fred van Leer and Rene van der Gibe have also been victims of burglaries in recent years.

The report of the theft came at around 9:15 p.m. The attackers fled in a car. Police declined to comment on the investigation Thursday evening.

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