Get ready for Grubbin Community Day in Pokémon GO

Bereid je voor op Grubbin-Community Day in Pokémon GO

It’s almost time for Grubbin Community Day and it continues for another three hours. Of course, just like last time, we have all kinds of tips for you. Below you will find all the tips we have collected.

Event times

Pokémon GO Community Day will be held on September 23 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. This means that we can enjoy the various benefits for three hours. There will also be a separate event from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. We will report on this separately later.

Pokemon Event: Gropin

During the event, Grubbin is the special event Pokemon. A Pokemon that every player knows as an interesting Pokemon. It’s shiny new so it’s interesting anyway!

  • advice: Use your incense, it will give you more garbin
  • advice: Use the bait, it also provides more Grubbin
  • advice: Make sure you have enough balls
  • advice: Make sure you have plenty of Pinap Berries (more candy means more Vikavolt)
  • advice: Make a Mega (which will follow) for more extras!

Event transfer: Volt switch

Every Charjabug you evolve into a Vikavolt today until 10pm and every Vikavolt you pick up during the event has a Volt Switch as its attack. Special, of course, but is this attack really good? According to experts, yes. Charjabug also gets this attack when you do it. That’s new!

  • advice: If you already have some Grubbin, trade them for a chance to get lucky
  • advice: You still have five hours after the event to attack, so wait until then to evolve to make sure you get the best
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Event Reward: 3 x Catch XP

Just like the previous times, this time there are three rewards for players for three hours. The most important is the Catch XP you can get. You get three times more XP for each catch (including Grubbin). Please note that this only applies to catches. Not for other actions.

  • Tip: Use the Lucky Egg throughout the event (6x XP total when caught)
  • Tip: Start with six lucky eggs at the start of the event

Event Reward: Three hours of incense

Again, the incense lasts for three hours during the event. Using incense should produce more Pokemon and therefore more Shine. Ideal for passionate players who want to capture more.

  • advice: Don’t forget to turn on your incense immediately

Event Reward: Three hours of magic

Once again, the magic lasts for three hours during the event. Using magic should produce more Pokemon and therefore more Shiny. Ideal for passionate players who want to capture more.

  • advice: Make sure with your friends that the lures in the area you are playing in are fully activated immediately
  • advice: Are you in a park or a center where there are many stations and thus magic
  • advice: Use magnetic magic, because you need it to evolve

Other rewards:

  • You have double the chance to win XL Candy when you pick it up
  • You get double candy for the catch
  • You can take photos to surprise
  • You can make a maximum of two private transactions
  • Transaction costs are 50% lower than Stardust

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