February 9, 2023

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Brett wants to leave Martijn in a bed and breakfast full of love after a day: 'A different life'

Brett wants to leave Martijn in a bed and breakfast full of love after a day: ‘A different life’

In “B&B Vol Liefde”, another love candidate returns to the Netherlands. It’s about Brit who wasn’t even one day with Martijn in Portugal. She couldn’t see herself settling down with the bed and breakfast owner in the Portuguese sunshine.

“There is only one real reason why you should take me aside so soon.”

Brit competitor, Simon, stayed at Martijn’s bed and breakfast for two days. You see the future with him. “I also like to keep going. I can also see myself working in bed and breakfasts.” Brit is less aggressive. “If you get something, you’ll come here eventually. But I won’t give up everything in Holland at once.”

She realizes during lunch that Martijn is not her great love. “I noticed in myself that I was absent, because I found that this was not for me.”

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She trusts Simone and says there is no click between her and Martijn. “I know it’s very short, but I know myself well enough to know if he’s coming or not. And I can already see that it’s not mine.”

Brett is also very attached to her life in Groningen. “I like parties and festivals. I like to go out with my friends. During the day I found it was different here.”

You take the lead and want to inform Martin. “I was wondering if we could have a conversation.” Martin could already sense the mood. “There’s only one real reason you’re taking me aside so quickly now,” he says in his confession.

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“I really like it here, (…) but we come here for a purpose. We’re looking for love. I notice we have different things. I notice it’s quiet here and I’m out of town anyway,” she began. “If I feel something or don’t feel it, I know if it is or not. And I don’t have it right now.” Martijn replies coldly: “I think it’s very good. Very nice.”

In front of the camera, he says that in fact he thought the same thing. “It was such a relief to me. I’d rather look at the cat outside the tree. Then in a couple of days I’d say, ‘I don’t think I see you here next to me.'”

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Brett also tells Martin’s parents that her visit was short-lived. “I feel like there’s no click. Then you better say it, because you shouldn’t turn your heart into a killing pit. It’s too fast, but I don’t think it will work between us.”

His parents saw him coming. “I’m very honest when I say that when she got off the cab, I thought: That’s not it,” his mother says. His father also immediately noticed: “I saw her in the pool and thought: This is not Martin’s type.”