Rachel Hazes on appeal in an old feud with her daughter Roxanne | show

Rachel Hazes on appeal in an old feud with her daughter Roxanne |  show

Rachel Hazes has appealed a case she brought against her former business partners. Rachel wants the court to hear her daughter Roxanne Hazes and former business partners about more than just paying a bill.

Royce de Vries, the attorney who helped Rachel, confirmed this after earlier reports from Yvonne Coldvier. An Amsterdam court ruled in June that Rachel had only heard her former business partners Mareke van Beek, Rob Israel and Roxanne pay a €24,000 bill for a training program she followed. The court rejected the rest of Rachel’s request because will not have an interest in. De Vries says it is not yet known when the appeal will be lodged.

Rachel claims her interests were not properly represented after she suffered a meltdown and gave people power of attorney to act on her behalf in 2016. Rachel hired three people, including former business partners Van Beek and Israel. Rachel’s attorney, Royce de Vries, stated in April that through the power of attorney, which ran until the beginning of 2018, the “business” could continue during that time. But de Vries said the power of attorney was “misused”. The lawyer said the agents would have enriched themselves.

Israel described the allegations as “shocking” at the time, and Van Beek also disagreed with the allegations against it. Roxanne provided a written statement in April that the trustees had helped Rachel “for years” and had helped her “day and night.” She described her mother’s statement as “ridiculous”. Roxanne has previously stated several times that she does not want to testify in the case in order to “not damage the reputation” of her mother.

Rachel and Roxanne Hayes haven’t communicated with each other in years. Roxanne doesn’t need this. singer too don’t share In the Netherlands concerts Zingt Hazes.

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