Genius iPhone advice from an Apple expert makes your device much faster

Genius iPhone advice from an Apple expert makes your device much faster

There are many reasons why your iPhone may be running much slower than when you bought it. a Apple expert From The Sun, Taryn Pedler has the ultimate tip for making your smartphone faster again. We will of course share this tip with you!

One of the reasons for device slowdown is that deleting an app on your iPhone does not remove the app 100 percent. With a single app it’s no problem, but over time you’re left with a lot of useless app data. This does not exactly benefit the speed of your smartphone. Here’s what you can do about it.

Goodbye slow iPhone, thanks Apple expert!

If you are used to uninstalling an app by pressing and holding the app and tapping Delete the app It’s best to add an extra step from now on (or simply skip that first step entirely).

A concerned Apple expert knows exactly how to say goodbye to apps once and for all. This is possible by removing hidden apps from your App Library in a special way. You can access this window by swiping left from your home screen. Once there, click on the bar containing the text Application library.

The iPhone hack makes typing the email address unnecessary

Here you will find all the apps on your iPhone, including the hidden ones. Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap general. Then I go to you iPhone storage. It may take some time for all (hidden) apps to load. Select an app (already partially removed) that you want to completely remove from your smartphone.

You will now see a screen containing, among other things, the amount of data that has been saved. If you are sure you want to delete the app and all expected data, tap Delete the app. That’s it!

Make your iPhone fast again with this clever trick

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An Apple expert offers a genius tip that will make your iPhone a whole lot faster

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