March 22, 2023

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Apple iPhone 14 Series Preview - Tweakers

Apple iPhone 14 Series Preview – Tweakers

“Far out” was the name of the event for which several Apple journalists attended the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino on Wednesday. This was the first time in two years that the iPhone was actually shown. During the first virtual release of Corona, in the middle of 2020, 5G was the good news. Apple mentioned “Five Gee” so much during the presentation of the iPhone 12 series that the scammer even wrote a special clip afterwards. compile Devoted to.

The four new iPhones presented by Apple yesterday are, of course, still connected to 5G towers, but also to satellites that orbit the Earth thousands of kilometers above our heads. This was already expected for last year’s iPhone 13 series, but it looks like the feature wasn’t ready yet, or Apple wasn’t on time. negotiation with phone companies. They won’t be too keen on a new phone with support for a form of communication that doesn’t pass through their network. Perhaps this is the reason why the satellite function of the iPhone 14 series is only for emergencies. At the moment it is of no use in Holland and Belgium at all; This fall, it will be the US and Canada’s turn first.

work as usual

The satellite connection is striking, but other than that, the iPhone 14 series is basically operating as usual. The lineup again consists of four devices, which look almost identical to the models from the previous year. A few highlights of the series can be discovered: a larger average size, higher pricing here at Benelux, and more differences between the Pro models and their cheaper non-Pro counterparts.

iPhone 14 Pro

Although the iPhone 14, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max cost exactly the same in America as their predecessors, here in Europe there is a significant adjustment in the exchange rate. In addition, there will be no successor to the old entry model, the iPhone 13 mini, in the 14 series, so that you will now have lost more than 1,000 euros against the cheapest high-end iPhones. Instead of a mini, there’s now another big device, the 14 Plus, with which the average iPhone turns a bit towards Android phones.

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You pay more than ever for a new iPhone Pro, even more than €2000 for the most expensive, but you also get a proportionately more phone, because the distinction between Pro and non-Pro will increase this year. The Pro is the only one with a new design, the screen is not only brighter and displays smoother images, but also has an always-on function. The new 48MP main camera is also pro-exclusive, as is the ultra-wide-angle camera and the telephoto camera. Apple even keeps the new A16 soc for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max; The 14 and 14 Plus should handle last year’s A15.