General Political Reflections 2021: follow it here

General Political Reflections 2021: follow it here

September 22, 2021

As usual, general political reflections dominate the days after Budget Day. Beginning in the morning of Wednesday, September 22 at 10.15 a.m., the debate can be followed via the House of Representatives live broadcast and the Debat Direct app.

Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd September: Discussion on Budget Day plans

Public Policy Considerations (APB) revolve around the main points of the National Budget and Budget Note for 2022. The discussion is usually conducted by group leaders.

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Tuesday, September 21: Throne speech and presentation of the Billion Dollars Project

bag width

With the introduction of Budget Day items from the portfolio of outgoing Finance Minister Hoekstra, the second traditional Budget Day event was also a reality yesterday afternoon at 3.15pm. The portfolio included the budget note and the national budget for the coming year. Chamber President Vera Bergkamp received the bag. I sent a special word of welcome to Iman Falk, the Prinsgsdag reporter who reports on this day exclusively for young people. “It’s good that a lot of young people are interested in politics. Iman, it’s good that you are there.”

small audience

Bergkamp said he hopes Prinsjesdag will be as usual next year. The crowd in downtown The Hague, who usually turns Prinsjesdag into a holiday, was missing out. With the usual thousands of spectators, compliance with the Corona measures was not possible. This is why there was no car ride for the King and Queen and there was no view from the balcony at Nordende Palace after that.

Speaks from the throne

King Willem-Alexander delivered the throne speech on behalf of the government. The Throne Speech always begins with the words: “Members of the States General”. They are the Senate and the House of Representatives together. During the recitation of the Throne Address, members of the Royal House, Cabinet, Senate and House of Representatives attend. The Throne Speech shows how the country stands according to the government and what are the main plans for the coming year. Each minister contributed to the Throne Speech in his own policy area. Then the Prime Minister discusses the text with the King.

The Exile and Exile Committee

On Budget Day, the Arrival and Departure Committee accompanies members of the Royal House on arrival and departure from Grote Kerk. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is always the head of this committee. Miguel Israel, the Registrar of the House Standing Committees, was the Registrar for the Interior and Foreign Affairs Committee this year. “When I arrived I cried: King!” We’ve practiced this many times before, at least ten times. There must be exactly one second between “the” and “king”. We arranged a sign so I would know when the king was there. The colleagues were moving the doorknob slightly and then gently knocking. It was nice to be able to say “King”, especially when everyone else stood up next. I was relieved that I was clearly audible.”

Gathering in Grote Kerk

The Grote Kerk in The Hague slowly filled up with members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, waiting for the king.

Al Shabab Special Correspondent: Iman Falk

Four young people spoke about Prinsjesdag on social media from different angles. They can be followed under the hashtag #Prinsjesdagreporter. Imane Falk, a 13-year-old student from Amsterdam, has taken action for the House of Representatives. “Last weekend I did research and came up with some questions. I thought it was a little exciting. To show the politicians: Hey we (young people) are still here! Government budget, budget memo, why these things weren’t explained to the kids” I was there to make sure Ensure that young people understand Prinsjesdag and this process, and that it is explained to them.”

Angry reporters explaining the Prinsjesdag youth program via Instagram. Left to right: Fedde Barten, Maud Onnink, Darryl Amankwah, Imane Valk.

Monday 20 September: Preparations

broadcast live

As every year, the NOS gave a live broadcast from the Houses of Parliament during the Prinsjesdag period. For the first time, the studio was built in the temporary room building B67, instead of the Binnenhof. Among the guests of Tuesday’s broadcast were outgoing Prime Minister Rutte and Ministers Wupke Hoekstra and Kajsa Olungren.

you can see

Attention to detail when setting up the seats for King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima.


Grote Kerk is once again decorated with flowers this year. On Monday, various bouquets were completed.

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