An urgent need to revive the tourism sector in Suriname

Geen controle op ziektes bij inkomende passagiers op luchthaven Suriname

Arrival in Suriname

Stakeholders in the tourism sector will address pressing issues. These include the Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association, the Association of Surinamese Travel Agents, Resort Owners, Guides Association, and government agencies. On September 27, World Tourism Day, the parties will exchange views on the sector’s recovery. On that day, cultural performances, speeches and presentations will be given at the Residence Inn.

Tourism Director Rabin Buddha says the activities are aimed at attracting more interest from stakeholders to contribute to the sector’s recovery and further development. It also indicates that the tourism sector in Suriname has a very high potential. “We have a lot of nature and culture.” The director says it is essential that everyone look at the recovery of the tourism sector and make a contribution. From the president to the man of the street, ministers and members of the DNA.

“It’s about having a lively discussion about the direction we want to take with tourism. Everyone has a role to play in this, not just a director or TCT minister. It needs an integrated approach. When we talk about tourism we talk about infrastructure, utilities, transportation, security, communications, etc.,” the director said. that “.

Actors will have to commit to poverty reduction, job creation, and economic activities that ensure that the state and businesses earn more. The director believes that the need for recovery is great, especially against the background of the sector experiencing huge losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There are companies that have gone out of business as a result and lost jobs.

Moreover, the manager says there are now companies that are going through tough times. So it’s important that stakeholders get their heads together to salvage what can be saved together, he says.

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