Run back sleepers, matches, and more

Run back sleepers, matches, and more

One of the most nerve wrecking things in fantasy football Makes squad decisions. You have to think of many different variables. The good news is that the Pro Football Network team is here to help. Not all matches are created equal, but here’s our best start, sit down RB for Week 3.

Week 3 Start ‘Em or Sit’ Em: Run Back

Which running back is starting to head into Week 3, and which one is better than leaving it on the bench?

Start ‘Em | Chase Edmonds, Arizona Cardinals

Chase Edmunds rushed 8 times for 46 yards against the Vikings last week. He also caught all five of his goals for 29 yards. By two games, the Edmonds were the only running runners to target the Cardinals as an off-court receiver.

The 25-year-old Edmonds of Arizona leads the chance racers (dash attempts as well as goals). After examining his Expected Points (EP) and Imaginary Points Above Expectations (FPOE), I noticed that Edmonds was very effective with those opportunities.

The EP is based on the average imaginary point value of plays in similar down states, distance, and field position. On the other hand, FPOE takes the player’s actual fantasy points and subtracts the predicted points. Where EP measures volume, FPOE measures efficiency. Prospecting in Edmonds, he averaged 4.1 fantasy points per game more than he expected.

Arizona’s offensive line should have a huge advantage over the Jacksonville defensive front. The Cardinals favored more than just a touchdown against the Jaguar, with a total of 51.5 points. Edmonds is an interesting or resilient RB3 with uptrend in week 3.

Start ‘Em | Jafonte Williams, Denver Broncos

Against the Jaguars in Week 2, Javonte Williams rallied for 64 yards in 13 lunge attempts. He also had a 10-yard reception. Denver’s backyard is an example of a retreat commission. Through two games, Williams and Melvin Gordon had an identical percentage (24%) and a chance share (24%).

So far, Williams has done a great job creating yards after contact and breaking tackles. In addition, the rookie’s second-round ability to pass protection allows him to stay on the field.

Denver’s game against the Jets provides Williams with a chance to shine. The Broncos are 10.5 points better than New York. Denver’s offensive line has a noticeable advantage over the New York defensive line, making Williams another RB3 player who could exceed expectations in Week Three.

sit m | Devin Singletary, Buffalo Bills

Devin Singletary lunged 13 times for 82 yards and landed against the Dolphins. It is noteworthy that his landing was for a distance of 46 yards. Meanwhile, he holds fellow running back Zach Moss who tackled an 8 for 26 yards and two touchdowns.

Moss sees more opportunities in the red while Singletary continues to rely heavily on him between the 20s. The Bills are the Week 3 favorite against the Washington football team, while the draft total/under is 46 points.

Washington’s defense allowed the Giants to score 29 points last week. However, the bill may have difficulty managing football against the football team’s defensive front. The best way to attack Washington’s defense is through a passing game. As a result, you should consider sitting alone this week.

sit m | Miles Gaskin, Miami Dolphins

Miles Gaskin lunged 5 times for 25 yards against the bills. He also grabbed 4 of 5 goals for 21 yards. After two games, Gaskin leads Miami’s back with 24 chances, putting him ahead over Salvon Ahmed (15) and Malcolm Brown (10).

My biggest concern with Gaskin is the Dolphins’ offensive line. The unit’s insufficient pass blocking was highlighted on Sunday. Miami’s OL allowed 6 sacks and a quarterback privilege, and Tua Tagovailoa was forced out of the game with broken ribs. The emergence of dolphins also had difficulty protecting passes.

Five players up front in Miami didn’t do much better in the running game. This unit does not have many proportions. The Dolphins’ offensive starting line includes only one pick from the first round in Austin Jackson’s left tackle. Dolphins also had no OL stability training. Lemuel Jeanpierre in his first season as coach of Miami OL. In fact, the last time Dolphins had an OL coach for consecutive seasons was from 2014-2015.

Combine all these factors and add that Jacobi Brisset’s backup will start under the center instead of Tagovailoa, Gaskin’s fairy look Against the hot raiders’ defense doesn’t look promising.

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