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Google is updating the Meet video calling app so that users of the app can share YouTube and Spotify broadcast sessions with each other. It will also be possible to play games with other users in real time via the app.

The feature of sharing broadcast sessions with each other is an experimental feature. In addition, each member must have a chat who wants to join a Spotify Premium subscription session. It is not clear if this is also the case for YouTube. For games, only Heads Up! and Uno Mobile and Kahoot. It is not clear if and when more games will be added.

During Planned update Meet also makes it possible to schedule recurring meetings with others. Just before video calls, a screen will appear that allows users to change the default background before joining a Meet video call. Google also offers a chat function that allows you to send comments or questions via text messages during video calls.

The American company announced beginning of June Announced that Duo video calling app will integrate with Meet. This makes Meet the company’s default chat and calling app. end of July made Google also makes it possible to make live video calls in Meet on YouTube. This feature is available to most paid workspace users.

Livesharing for a Spotify broadcast session in Google Meet

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