Mother dies during flight, children forced to sit next to her for eight hours: ‘Extremely shocking’ | Abroad

Mother dies during flight, children forced to sit next to her for eight hours: 'Extremely shocking' |  Abroad

During a flight from Hong Kong to London in August, the woman did not suddenly wake up, nor did she respond to anything. Passers-by tried to revive her, but to no avail. The woman died in front of her children and husband.

‘Very shocking’

“We are still shocked,” wrote Helen’s friend on the GoFundMe page. “The whole drama unfolded before the eyes of her children.” Then Helen lay lifeless in her chair for another eight hours. “While this was very painful for her family, they all had time to say goodbye.”

As if this event wasn’t enough, another drama started soon after. As soon as the plane landed in Frankfurt for a layover, the mother’s body had to be left in Germany. The two children and the father traveled to England. Without their mother and partner.

The friend wrote that the family is broken. Helen was a devoted mother and wife. She was the glue that held her family together.”


After 15 years in Hong Kong, the family wanted to move to Britain. “Hen was looking forward to seeing her family again.” They have not seen each other for a while due to the Corona pandemic. The woman was a nurse: “She was always available to help and quickly made new friends.”

With a fundraiser, the girlfriend wants to pay for the funeral, as well as raise money to financially support the children. “Her husband needs some time to process the loss of his wife.”

Helen’s body has not yet arrived in England. A British Foreign Office spokesman said they were supporting the family. “We are in contact with the local authorities,” he added.

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