France Bauer emotional: “I don’t know if I will treat my father’s resuscitation” | to watch

France Bauer emotional: "I don't know if I will treat my father's resuscitation" |  to watch

Frans Bauer’s father passed away in 2015. Although he had been ill for some time, the death was not expected. Chris Power, who was also a France driver for many years, suffered from lung cancer. “Then you’d think he’d die from it, but my dad eventually died of cardiac arrest,” Frans says tonight in the hairdresser’s chair in Ozkan Akyol.

At the beginning of 2015, Chris Power, who himself became known nationally for his participation in reality soap peasantsHe was hospitalized with pneumonia. Despite his poor medical condition, cardiac arrest came unexpectedly. “When I came during visiting hours, I came for a resuscitation,” France says. Almost seven years later, just thinking about it brings him back to that moment. “I see myself getting out of that elevator again, I see myself walking out of the hallway and seeing them occupied behind a canvas, and in the end it turns out to be your father.”

French breaks. stutter. “It’s a really crazy thing, even terrifying when I think about it. This resuscitation.” Then in a broken voice. “I don’t know if I would ever remedy that.” Tears appear in the 47-year-old Brabant’s eyes.

After catching his breath, Frans showed the ring with his father’s imprint. “This is the most sentimental gift of my entire life. I got this ring from my sons on Father’s Day. First Father’s Day without Dad. It was such a sentimental thing. I will never forget it that morning.”

France surprised his children in bed. The youngest narrated a verse and then I got this ring. Then I was alone for two hours. I had to give it a place. I am so proud of him. I put it on that day and never took it off.”

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