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Google has announced a new Android update with improvements for large screen devices. This Android 12L update is for tablets, foldable devices and also Chrome OS laptops. Android 12L should be released early next year.

Google announced Android 12 for At the Android Dev Summit. The update should make the mobile operating system work better on large screens and Improves For this, among other things, the interface layout of Android 12. For example, the layouts of the home screen and lock screen, the . file Quick Settings, Notification overviews are divided into two columns, to take advantage of the full screen space.

split screen interface. Bronn: Google

Android 12L also gets a taskbar that can be used to easily switch between different apps. Users can drag an app to the interface from this taskbar to open it as split screen-an offer. Apps that aren’t optimized for larger screens will also get visual changes from Google. For example, in the new update, smartphone manufacturers can configure the standard aspect ratio for these applications, and possibly apply rounded corners.

The new update should be available in early 2022, but the company already has it Android Emulator 12L Available for Android Studio SDK. The announcement was no surprise. There have been rumors about this for a long time Android 12.1 update possible With improvements for foldable smartphones. In this OS code it was also the reviewer Google’s foldable Pixel smartphone.

Compatibility mode for apps and multitasking via Android 12L taskbar. Source: Google

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