Chamber wants clarification on the wind turbine atrium at RIVM | interior

Chamber wants clarification on the wind turbine atrium at RIVM |  interior

On Wednesday, the University of Twente expressed doubts about the modus operandi of RIVM, which, according to scientist Dr Joris van Hoof, uses studies driven or industry-influenced, but presents studies as independent. According to researcher van Hoof, RIVM did not disclose anywhere in its 2017 and 2020 reports that it was based on studies involving a conflict of interest, according to van Hoof. “You should have done it.”

“It is completely undesirable for RIVM to hide the effect,” says SP MP Renske Leijten. But it is also worrisome that there appears to be not enough independent data. It would be good for the government to think about this.”

Although RIVM defends its own way, there are concerns about the VVD coalition party. “Onshore windmills can only be installed if they are safe for the local population and if there is support. This safety must be determined independently,” says VVD MP Silvio Erkens. People must be able to trust conclusions. The situation that has now emerged is worrying.”

Erkins also notes that the distance limits for turbines in our country are contrary to standards in other European countries, which must be located at a much greater distance from homes. “In the Netherlands, we simply didn’t set up the wind turbine parameters correctly and that should change as quickly as possible,” he says. There is already a proposal calling for an independent investigation, but Erkins is also submitting other parliamentary questions with Socialist Party member Lichten.


For JA21 party leader Joost Erdmann, research by the University of Twente is the foundation of the mill. He has been warning for some time about the negative effects of turbines on Earth. “It is becoming more and more painful with the green agenda. Wind turbines cost us millions, save hardly any energy, spoil our vision and are a real nightmare for locals. Research has already shown that many residents suffer from fatigue and sleep problems. It is a pattern of huge political decisions in billions of dollars. taken on the basis of incorrect or manipulated data.” Erdmann has asked for a discussion.

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