Four hands on one stomach The couple receives enthusiastic reactions after giving birth

Four hands on one stomach The couple receives enthusiastic reactions after giving birth

Until recently, Felicity and Fabian were busy with things other than children. They have no idea what awaits them as parenthood approaches. Dyantha comes to lend a helping hand to them. She knows what it takes to have a baby.

The couple have been “dating” since set 7. They’ve been in an on-and-off relationship for years, until they found out a year ago that they still viewed each other as the love of their lives. But pregnancy? It was not planned.

“We were immediately pleased with him,” Fabian said. Felicity adds, “I knew right away I wanted to keep it. I can’t get rid of something like that. I’ll regret it later.”

Felicity lives at home with her mother, who also became a mother at a young age. She was 15 years old when the first one was born. Despite talks about flowers and bees, Felicity is still pregnant. Because her own mother had so much shame as a teenage mom, she’s glad Felicity was willing to share the news with her.

There’s also work to be done for Dyantha: Felicity finds motherhood too exciting to be too insecure. “What I hope you will help me with is confidence in parenting. I don’t know what to expect, if I am going to create a bond [met de baby]. “

These doubts are for View newsPresenter is also known. I also found motherhood exciting. “I hope to tell the teen mom that she has confidence in herself. That everything will be fine with love. Give her time, give her rest and grow in this role as a mother.”

Dianta also shoots herself when Felicity talks about her fear of not being attached to the baby. The pink cloud after the birth of her son Davis was missing from Dianta. By sharing her story, she hopes she can reassure Felicity that things will work out in the end. In the end, Felicity’s fears are unfounded. There are no bonding problems. Felicity’s mother jokes: “You should keep it for 22 hours a day.” “I feel so much love,” Felicity says.

Viewers at home are positive about the episode.

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