Flip Donnie Rolvink Around Teeth ‘Good Move’, More Influencers Open Up About Mistakes

Flip Donnie Rolvink Around Teeth 'Good Move', More Influencers Open Up About Mistakes

According to the Advertising Code Committee, the risks and potential consequences of interfering with marketing data should also be highlighted. Hermanns: β€œIn every ad, including influencer marketing, the mantra of ‘Be careful, make yourself more beautiful can turn ugly,’ a successful procedure that starts with a proper doctor.”

Consumers value this transparency and increasingly want large companies and influencers to be held accountable. That’s why it’s good to consider that Ruvenk himself also benefits from this video, says Hermanns. “It’s a smart move to measure your criticism at scale, because it shows that you want to do the right thing as an influencer. This is smart marketing, because it’s good for your image.”

But is it a bad thing, if sharing the message also has a positive effect on followers? Hermans does not believe. Vartges also hopes the call will allow people to do more research on potential medical interventions. “He was not properly told that you would suffer from this for the rest of your life.”

From the wrong path to the right path

Rolvink says today that the video appears to provoke such a reaction. Aside from the many reactions and media requests he received, he also receives messages from people who wanted to do a similar action and now decided not to.

The model is happy with that. He urged followers to “advise everyone not to think twice but three times before doing this procedure.” “A message from me to my followers that I may have gone the wrong way before but now I’m back on the right track.”

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