“Big cities want a maximum of 30 km/h inside built-up areas”

"Big cities want a maximum of 30 km/h inside built-up areas"

Cities write this day in a letter to the House of Representatives, where it is ad write about it.

“In the past we gave the car too much space in cities, now the quality of life is paramount. If we want to better protect pedestrians and cyclists, we have to take action,” the Amsterdam city council member told the newspaper.

Mandatory speed bumps

The four cities want a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour on larger roads in built-up areas. This is now legally difficult, because “speeding measures” such as speed bumps are mandatory on those roads. The municipalities stated in the letter that this is not possible on the main roads.

The Amsterdam councilman explains to the newspaper that emergency services such as ambulances and firefighters cannot be on site fast enough if all the roads are riddled with speed bumps.

legally responsible

If cities do not install speed bumps but apply a maximum of 30 kilometers per hour, they are legally liable in case of accidents.

Tomorrow the House of Representatives will discuss road safety. In other Dutch municipalities such as Gouda, Groningen and Leiden, a maximum speed of 30 km/h was already introduced on more streets last year.

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