‘Critical Man’ Roti has to find ‘more weed’ himself

Biden's reputation plummeted in the United States

What does Mark Root do? During a press conference, Friday, the outgoing prime minister offered:ExcusesDue to the lack of contact with Corona policy. He called himself “the self-critical boy”. On Sunday he continued his self-reflection at the VVD conference. As party leader, Root hoped there would be a new government before Christmas.with more momentumAnd a ‘different look’ from the current look. It looks nice, a prime minister who doesn’t save himself and his government. Does Ruti mean that too? Or is there a prime minister/party leader who himself now feels that a lot of people are not only tired of corona but sick of corona? From him too? allowance affairs, amnesia aboutwork elsewhereToo hasty Relaxing aura rules It’s hard to count the times Roti has passed through the dust. Humility can become debilitating—and it may provoke annoyance or anger.

More important than the question of whether Roti means it, is the question of what this country will do. So the question is if things really get better after those apologies. The omens are not reassuring. After the issue of allowances, a new management culture will emerge, but in practice very little of this has been achieved. Posted Monday Norwegian Refugee Council He turned thousands of families who ended up, without evidence, on a blacklist of potential fraudsters by the tax authorities. PricewaterhouseCoopers reports on this topic Posted weeks ago In the Ministry of Finance, but is not sent to the House of Representatives. Looks like Old governance culture.

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In the run-up to the lower house election (March 17), Rutte said it was unwise to change prime minister in the midst of a pandemic. introduce himself as The practical leader the Netherlands needs To meet major challenges such as the climate crisis or housing shortages. In order not to lose a second, VVD had to become the largest again. It’s December now, and the formation is not over yet, and the challenges are no less difficult. The D66 has been sidelined for a long time, the formation of the block on the left made everything more difficult, CDA is weak – it’s all true. But after all the nice words about the national interest and acceleration, it also turns out that Rutte is someone who wants to remain prime minister anyway – even if that goes against the priorities he has set. His person became a delaying factor and took the “Ilan” out of the formation.

Then there is Covid-19. At the start of the pandemic, coronavirus press conferences were still a good platform for the prime minister/party leader, also in the run-up to the elections. This phase feels more and more like pavement, because what’s actually going well right now? Yes, the vaccination rate is high, but integrated circuits are still on the rise, testing capacity is still insufficient and the Netherlands is at the bottom of the EU list in the boosting campaign. Where is the long-term strategy? You don’t hear about Rota.

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Downsizing and upgrading procedures too quickly and lax implementation has led to confusion. Frankly, when the new Omikron variant appeared, South African airline passengers at Schiphol were immersed for hours in this institutional lack of clarity, with all the frustration involved. Far from the border, it was all about anarchy in the Netherlands. These are not problems that should be solved with better “communication”, “better” looks, or “apologies”. To do this, the “self-critical little fellow” must quickly turn into a statesman. In someone who can really get something done in the next four years – with more time.

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