Former NFL player Clinton Portis and two others plead guilty to health care fraud

Former NFL player Clinton Portis and two others plead guilty to health care fraud

The former Washington successor to Clinton Portis and two former NFL players pleaded guilty to health care fraud, According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Justice.

Justice Organization said on Tuesday that Portis, Tamarik Vanover and Robert McKeown pleaded guilty on August 24 to charges related to their participation in a scheme to defraud the United States. Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Compensation Plan.

The reimbursement plan, set up through the league’s collective bargaining agreement in 2006, saves former players $350,000 a year for medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Portis allegedly made false claims to the league’s two-month retirement plan and received $99,264 in benefits for expensive medical equipment that his plan did not provide, according to court documents.

Portis, twice Pro Bowl selection, play for The Washington FC and Denver Broncos during his nine-year professional career.

Vanover, a prominent former Florida State University, is accused of recruiting three other players to the scheme and receiving $159,510 in benefits.

McCune, A former classmate of Portis, He was the principal coordinator of the scheme, and earned nearly $2.9 million in interest, with the program paying most of the money between June 2017 and April 2018, according to the Justice Department.

The three men join the growing list of NFL players who have pleaded guilty to a health care fraud. Others who have pleaded guilty include Joe Horn, Corel Buchalter, Carlos Rogers, and Donald “Ritchie” Caldwell, who killed Attempted burglary in June 2020.

Portis and Vanover, who have agreed to pay what they took from the plan, are due to be sentenced in January. Each man faces a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.

McKeown, who is due to be sentenced November 19, faces the maximum prison sentence for every charge in the health care system, which could leave him in prison for life.

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