Video Reviews for Call of Duty Vanguard – Champion Hill in het kort

Video Reviews for Call of Duty Vanguard - Champion Hill in het kort
nickname Call of Duty: Vanguard
a program Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One
Developer Hammer Games, Treyarch, Raven Studio
publisher Activision
date of publication November 5, 2021

In mid-August, Activision and Sledgehammer introduced their latest Call of Duty game, and like Call of Duty: WW2, this game is about World War II. The makers showed us during a presentation how the campaign works and told us very widely about Zombies, Warzone and multiplayer. It is now clear that with the release of Call of Duty Vanguard, new anti-cheat software will be added to Warzone and a whole new map of the well-known online game mode will appear. We know more about multiplayer, because we’ve been able to get it working for a while recently. In just a few hours we’ve been able to try out some new maps, game modes, and use all kinds of different weapons as we battle in battles around the world.

This is fine, of course, but unfortunately the session started with a small setback. We played the preview session on PlayStation 5, but due to a technical issue, only the PS4 version of the beta was offered. Since in this case you can usually manually select the PS5 version on download and/or startup, this time it was not the case. As a result, we ran the PS4 on the PS5, which obviously does not affect the graphics quality. Now, Call of Duty has never been a game that has much to do with graphic extravaganza, but the first rendered images looked pretty good. We’ll have to wait a little longer for a final verdict on this aspect of the game. It’s also too early to say that the PS4 version is totally OK, given that this one runs on more stable hardware. So we have to wait and see how it goes on that front as well.

Fortunately, the fact that we were playing the PS4 version didn’t get in our way and we were still able to get a good idea of ​​what Call of Duty players will have to offer this fall. The overall conclusion is not surprising: Vanguard’s gameplay can be described as “typical Call of Duty.” This means that the game has a high tempo and that you generally play on relatively small maps that are primarily intended for six-player versus six-player games. Many game modes are an exception to this. For example, there is a game mode in which you play two against two, but it is also possible to play twelve against twelve or even twenty-four against twenty-four. These higher numbers usually make the procedure more chaotic in it, but more on that later.

Hero Hill: Call of Duty Tournament

For starters, let’s take a look at Champion Hill. This game mode for two or three player teams wasn’t part of our gameplay session, but was already played by others, so we’ll quickly share the basics with you. Champion Hill is a form of tournament in which eight teams of two or three players compete simultaneously on a map with four arenas. In each arena, two teams play against each other and the winner advances to the next round. In the end, the team that manages to win three times in a row wins; This team can call itself champions. Between matches, teams can purchase better gear, additional perks, and kill line bonuses to better arm themselves for the next match. Players who were involved in the initial public release in which you can play Champion Hill were excited about the competitive element, but also noted that the game mode leaves a lot to be desired, so there is sometimes relatively little action. Perhaps some minor tweaks will be made in this area, towards the release of the game.

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