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Microsoft announces a new news feed: Microsoft Start. News Feed is coming to both PC and mobile devices and will replace Microsoft News. Microsoft Start is planned to be integrated into Windows 10 and 11.

Microsoft writes in Articles Microsoft Start builds on Microsoft News and MSN. Anyway, Microsoft on mobile wants to replace Microsoft News with Microsoft Start. MSN will continue to exist alongside Microsoft Start for the time being.

On PC, Microsoft Start can be visited through the browser or on Windows 10 PCs through the taskbar. In Windows 11, news feed will be included in the operating system’s widgets. Also, the news feed is displayed in Microsoft Edge, when you open a new tab.

The news feed is immediately available. for mobile Indicates Microsoft is still moving to the Microsoft News app at the time of writing. However, if you refresh and open the app, you’ll see that the new Microsoft Start logo and design already appear there.

Users can customize the feed, similar to, for example, the Google News Feed on Android. By selecting Microsoft Start’s location and interests, you can see weather, news, and, for example, sports scores that may be relevant to you.

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