Five affordable 55-inch TVs – round up

Five affordable 55-inch TVs - round up
  • Hisense U7HQ
  • LG UQ9100
  • Panasonic LX650E
  • Samsung QLED Q60B
  • TCL C635


The Hisense U7HQ stands out as one of the few affordable TVs with a 120Hz screen and VR support. The TV offers good SDR picture quality, but unfortunately has mediocre contrast and disappointing sound reproduction.


The UQ9100 is LG’s affordable 4K TV, equipped with a 60Hz IPS panel and Alpha 5 image processor. The TV uses webOS and comes with a gyroscopic magic remote. The TV’s picture quality is fine for SDR playback, but the TV clearly isn’t up to par with HDR, not least because the contrast is disappointing. The positive point is the sound reproduction, which is well balanced.


The LX650E from Panasonic is a 4K TV with 60Hz IPS screen and Google Android TV as a smart TV system. The TV displays good color reproduction in SDR mode, but falls short in terms of brightness and contrast. The sound quality is also disappointing, so this TV is not recommended in our opinion.


The Q60B is the base model of Samsung’s QLED series. The TV uses a 60Hz VA panel and offers high brightness and good contrast. The Q60B’s color reproduction is also very good, as is its sound reproduction. The downsides are the somewhat disappointing viewing angles and the fact that the TV sometimes shows flashy commercials in the Tizen smart TV system.


TCL C635 is the cheapest model of the Chinese manufacturer and is equipped with a quantum dot filter for a wide color gamut. The TV has a 60Hz VA panel that offers high contrast. The color reproduction of the TV is good, which also applies to the sound quality. The drawbacks are the somewhat disappointing viewing angles and the moderate availability of the TV.

In TV tests on Tweakers, we usually pay attention to more expensive models, high-end TVs with an OLED panel or mini LED backlight that provide the best picture quality, but you often pay more than 1000 euros for a 55-inch model that not everyone can or wants long ago Spending that much money on a TV That’s why in this test we look at five 55-inch TVs that cost between 600 and 700 euros.

Of course, you don’t get the same amount for that money as when you buy a cool model twice as expensive. But what exactly are these differences? Are there discounts on picture panels, backlights, and speakers? Is the image processing a lot less, do you get fewer connections and features or have the design and material selection been spared for the housing? We will answer these questions in this round.

For this test, we look at Hisense 55U7HQAnd LG 55UQ9100And Panasonic TX-55LX650EAnd Samsung QLED QE55Q60B and the TCL 55C635. Unfortunately, Philips has not been able to provide us with a suitable model and it seems that Sony has completely left the market for “cheap” TVs: they no longer have new 55-inch TVs in the price range below 700 euros.

There are similarities between the five TVs we tested, but there are also many differences. The main similarity is that all of these TVs use an LCD panel; We’re not having an OLED in this price range. If you want to buy a 55-inch OLED TV, the cheapest model on our Pricewatch is the LG 55A1, which costs €809 at the time of writing, much more than the TVs we’re discussing in this test. Also amazing is that all but one of the TVs tested had a 60Hz panel, with no local dimming. The only TV with a 120Hz panel and local dimming is Hisense’s U7HQ, also the most expensive of the TVs we tested at €680 there as mentioned. The TVs have a mix of IPS and PVA panels, each with very distinct advantages and disadvantages. There’s also a lot of difference in maximum brightness, sound quality varies widely, and all five TVs use another smart TV system.

On the following pages we will briefly discuss the most important external features and interfaces of all TVs, and then compare the devices’ power consumption, gaming functions, sound quality and picture quality.

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