Amsterdam fish brand launches new stock on World Oceans Day

Fish Tales hits America with sustainable fish and new stock releases

Founders Bart van Olfen and Harm Jan van Dijk are set to take America by storm with their sustainable fish brand, Fish Tales, which will also be available at supermarket giant Walmart from the fall. The United States is the country with the most canned tuna consumption worldwide, but 90% of this is from non-responsible origin. Time for change. To achieve this, the Amsterdam-based company is launching new shares today, World Oceans Day. Now anyone can become a co-owner of Fish Tales from €250 and contribute to healthy oceans while benefiting from the company’s growth.

America is open to change, and the founders of Fish Tales realize it. Bart: ‘We’ve been available in the US for some time and we’re doing well as a brand. Since we were able to return to the country after Corona, we were already able to tie up many supermarket chains with us. Not only has Fish Tales grown strong with existing customers such as Whole Foods Market and The Fresh Market, it will also have a larger assortment on supermarket giant Walmart’s shelves starting this fall. Together with Walmart, a responsible seafood brand can really make a difference and serve sustainable tuna across America. The world’s largest retailer will increase its footprint in the US with no less than 12 products from Sea Tales, known as Fish Tales. In addition to Walmart, Sea Tales will also be available at other new supermarkets this year. In short, the Dutch fish brand has strong growth potential.

New funding round for Fish Stories

To execute these plans, the business duo has raised a new round of funding. The goal is to raise 1 million euros and expand the team in America. Anyone can become a partner of Fish Tales from €250. In the first round of funding, Bard and Harm John demonstrated that the equity fund was successful in investing without a large investment party. Currently more than 800 people are co-owners of the company. Fish Tales is on the right track as reflected in the latest valuation from Funding Masters experts. The progress in the US has contributed to the fact that the value of fish stories has risen from 9 to 21 million in two years. For all who got in, this meant a very healthy return.

Bart: ‘I have traveled for years to live, fish and cook with some of the world’s most sustainable fishing communities. Fishermen set an example of how we should fish for a healthy future. These communities show that fish can be caught and eaten responsibly. Together with them we want to change the world of fish. Because of the stakeholder community, it is possible to work without concessions on healthy seas, good working conditions for fishermen and, of course, delicious fish. Not only in Europe, but now in America as well.

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