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The Dutch Corona app will not be able to generate new digital proofs of coronavirus from 1 July. On that date, the European regulations that make this possible will cease. Existing halo proofs can still be used until July 1 of the next year.

Dutch national government He writes That from July 1 this year it will not be possible to present a new corona vaccine or test evidence in CoronaCheck, the application through which Dutch people can prove that they have been vaccinated against covid-19 or have tested negative. On that date, the European regulation by which a European digital corona certificate can be generated will expire. With that regulation expiring, the government decided not to continue with its Certificate of Vaccination form.

The vaccination or negative test certificate has an expiration date of one year. Tweakers wrote in 2021 how that works. Previously collected evidence will remain displayed in the app as long as it is valid. Those who renew the certificate for the last time on June 30 of this year can still show it in the application until June 30, 2024. When the certificate expires, the application cannot be used again. The app itself will remain in the Play and App Store until the end of 2023, but after that it will disappear from it.

The government says it is still possible to obtain a vaccination certificate via the RIVM website or via the GGD or other agency that develops a vaccine. The Yellow Booklet is also valid proof of vaccination in most countries. There are still a few countries in the world that require proof of vaccination, including Bolivia.

The move is one step closer to the end of the Corona application. In the Netherlands, the app containing the much-discussed QR code has been phased out since the beginning of last year, but vaccination or recovery certificate was still valid in some countries. Until recently, this was the case in the United States. This is no longer the case, and the Dutch government itself says the app is no longer necessary to control viruses. “At this point, the use of a Digital Corona Certificate (DCC) hardly contributes to protecting public health. A few countries still require a Corona Certificate and this is expected to decrease further in the near future.”

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