Martin Meland cries over Maxime’s sad life story: ‘She had bad luck’

Martin Meland cries over Maxime's sad life story: 'She had bad luck'

Maxim’s book was introduced some time ago, but V.I Chateau Milland It is only being taken care of now. In her book, Descendant Meiland shares her experiences with sexual abuse from her past.

“She had very bad luck early in her life,” says Martin when he saw the photo of Maxime’s book. “But fortunately it turned out to be fine.”

Where Martien finds Maxime’s image on the sad side, Erica sees it very differently. “He thinks it’s a sad picture, but I don’t. No, it’s just a strong look.” Erica is also happy that her daughter is doing better now. “I’m so glad it worked out. It’s about getting over these things, that’s very important.”

Older sister Montana says she thinks she’ll learn new things from Maxim’s book, things she didn’t know about her sister. “I didn’t know everything. Too bad you don’t even know someone is going through something so horrible.”

TV connoisseur and former SBS boss Tina Nijkamp is a little bored with the current season of Chateau Milland. She finds it long winded and, in short, “extremely boring”. Why? Tina says it in the video below.

episode of Chateau Milland missing? You can look back here.

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