Former President Trump in Court • Ministers of Defense in Amsterdam

Former President Trump in Court • Ministers of Defense in Amsterdam

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Good morning! Former President Donald Trump must file a report with the court. He allegedly hid secret government documents in his Florida home after his presidency. Minister Ollongren will talk to her colleagues in Amsterdam about safety at sea.

First, the weather: today the sun is shining again. Moderate easterly to northeasterly winds bring less warm air. The maximum will be from 26 to 30 degrees.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find an overview of the activities. and offer here Railway schedule.

What do you expect today?

  • The Senate meets for the first time with a new composition. The senators elect a provisional president. The Senate will make its final decision in two weeks. The BBB party is now the largest party and usually presents the chairman of the board.
  • King Willem-Alexander is on a working visit to Spain. He visits two hydrogen projects in the south of the country. Dutch companies travel to the area; They hope to bring orders.
  • The British Parliamentary Inquiry Committee comes with the final report on Partigit, which was attended by then Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
  • The Supreme Court will issue a ruling on the use of encrypted encrypted communications as evidence in criminal cases. The courts in Leeuwarden and Zwolle have requested this.

The RVO has received thirty phone calls since yesterday morning. The questions received varied, says the spokesperson, but mainly related to the tax peak scheme itself. This allows the largest peak cranes to sell their company for a maximum of 120 percent of the value.

Other news of the night:

Journalists Sander Van Horn and Christian Bowie show you the aftermath of the Kachovkadam bombing in Ukraine.

The water in the Dnieper receded after the dam burst, and the results are clearly visible

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