March 23, 2023

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Famke Louise laat spoor van vernieling achter op eiland

Famke Louise still pays the rental car company after crowded juice channels

Famke Louise is under massive fire, because she wouldn’t have paid a car rental company in Curaçao. After sending out five reminders, the company has yet to see a dollar. After the uproar around Famke, I’ve now decided to foot the bill after all.

The Juice Channel announced a few days ago that Famke Louise and her boyfriend Denzel Slager misbehaved while on vacation in Curaçao. The car rental company in question sent a message to the Juice channel via Instagram. “They would have paid half the price for the Instagram promotion. The end result: absolutely nothing paid and no promotion for us. On top of that, they also stole our Maxi-Cosi (purchased specifically for them). Famie informed us via the app that they would pay properly , but after five reminders you haven’t paid yet,” according to rental company De Vos.

Everything from the world again

The company hadn’t heard anything about the singer until recently. But after the pressure that different juice channels put on the couple, that changed yesterday. Famke and Denzel contacted De Vos by phone. In this phone conversation, Denzel indicated that he was unaware of the unpaid bill.

The rental car company has now announced on Instagram that Maxi-Cosi is close again, and the open bill for the rental car is being paid neatly. “Everything is out of the world again.”

Garbage dealers

Remarkably, De Vos isn’t the only company that has been duped by influencers. Another businessman tells the following to Mediacourant: “At first I thought this story belonged to me, because they did it to me too last summer. I hired them three trucks including three drivers from 10 am to 3 am. When I sent the invoice, they were surprised Just because they said it would be free in exchange for the ad credits for the series. It took me two months to get my money back.”

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The Juice Channel calls Famke and Denzel “trashfluencers.” “Now other companies know how these trash influencers operate, because believe us when we say that these two countries have been taken over by countless companies,” Juice Channel said.