Yvonne Coldeweiger offers an open star rating app

Yvonne Coldeweiger offers an open star rating app

Yvonne Coldfire would like to participate in the new season of star arrangement In BNNVARA. That reports on the woman behind the popular juice channel iPhone life Today in her Instagram Stories. So Yvonne, who became famous for “juice”, or in other words gossip in the entertainment world, wants to continue her career.

She participated in an SBS interview with Paul de Leeuw about the show, where he reported that Evert Sankrediets would be one of the candidates for the new season. “You can also call me,” writes Yvonne. “I think it would be cool, Dutch celebrities are roasted in real life. And I’m a lot cheaper than Evert.”

On TV for almost 15 years

It is not known how much San Credits he will receive for his participation in the program. RTL announced in October that it was discontinuing after three years with star arrangement. The celebrities on the show have to answer unusual questions and measure each other. Eddie Zoe made the final season. Paul de Leo presented the other two seasons on RTL.

star arrangement It has been on television for nearly fifteen years. In 2019, the show moved from BNNVARA to RTL, after De Leeuw switched to commercial broadcasting. BNNVARA couldn’t say anything two weeks ago about a possible comeback star arrangement in NPO. The ANP wrote that the broadcaster could not be reached for comment this afternoon.

She recently met Yvonne, one of the most famous celebrities fake followers, Already a celebrity she’s been overlooking is Robert Ten Brink.

Yvonne Coldfire stopped ‘Spy Army chat’

Incidentally, Yvonne announced this morning that it will discontinue the paid Army Spy Chat for the time being. Nothing has been heard from her for a month, but there are still over 1,600 paying members following her. Yvonne: „Dear spies, I’d like to tell you that I’m taking a temporary break from the Spy Army app. Interval indefinitely.

Your iPhone’s public juice channel will remain active.

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Yvonne Coldeweiger presents an open star rating app: “I think it would be cool, celebs roast in real life”

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