February 7, 2023

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Defense will not help Schiphol: 'We are not a thousand things'

Defense will not help Schiphol: ‘We are not a thousand things’

The foreign minister said before the cabinet meeting that if there’s a problem somewhere, no matter how annoying, it’s not that the military will come and save things. “Definitely not if the business community can do it themselves.”

Problems persist

The national airport, among other things, suffers from a shortage of security personnel, as a result of which travelers stand in line for hours and sometimes miss their flight. Some travelers sleep on sofas while waiting for the next flight.

The travel industry organization ANVR suggested yesterday that extreme solutions should be sought and that the military should intervene if necessary. Member of Parliament Webern van Haga also believes that defense should help.

Chaos at the airport has been going on for weeks. Even angry travelers stormed security guards on Sunday evening.

The defense is not responsible

Foreign Minister van der Maat does not feel responsible for the problems at Schiphol. Van der Matt: β€œIt is horrible of course to have to queue up for so long after you have worked so long and can finally go on vacation. But I am here at the same time as Secretary of State for Defense and it is not that if she There is a problem somewhere, the defense has to solve the problem. We still have a lot of other things to do.”

The Ministry of Defense has not yet received a request from the security zone. If so, it will be considered, but the chance is zero that the application will be accepted, he said. A ministry spokesman said already on Tuesday that the opportunity would be limited.

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Schiphol’s president – Dick Pinschop – was not available for comment because he was in Davos, the government’s top leaders and chief executives.