Factorio DLC Space Age content is set on new planets and will be released in one year – Games – News

Developer Wube Software has provided details for the first time about the upcoming Factorio expansion. In Space Age, players can build machines in space and visit planets to find building materials. This expansion will not be released for at least a year.

Whoopee programs He writes in a blog post For the first time about the expansion already announced in 2021. Now the Czech developer is not only giving the expansion a name, but now it is also known about what it is all about. The Space Age DLC takes place after the story of the original game, with players flying into space on a rocket. Expansion is happening there, too. In the DLC, players can visit four planets, each containing unique resources, but also each with its own gameplay mechanics. Players must make clear choices about the order in which they visit planets.

When players play the expansion, the base game will be slightly modified. this is the way technology tree It has been updated so that certain items can only be found on planets. There are also improvements in the expansion that will also apply to the base game, such as better control of trains and flying robots.

The makers of the game say that it may be some time before the game is finally released. The game’s makers aim for “about a year from now,” but haven’t given an exact release date. Meanwhile, there will be weekly updates about the game.

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