Peter Gillis’ show Massa is kass is not on SBS Channel 6’s fall programming Displays

Peter Gillis' show Massa is kass is not on SBS Channel 6's fall programming  Displays

SBS 6 program Mass in cash It won’t be on TV for the next few months. The reality series about holiday park entrepreneur Peter Gillis was not included in SBS 6’s fall programming announced by Talpa on Friday.

Gillis, who has multiple lawsuits pending against him, is still being watched by the SBS 6 cameras. He announced via Instagram on Thursday that he had had “another full day of filming” for the 11th season. Talpa announced at the beginning of July that registrations had already taken place, but that this was “not a guarantee” for the new season.

John de Mol’s media company is awaiting the court’s ruling before deciding whether or not to air the reality series. It is not clear what court ruling Talpa is awaiting.

There are several cases pending against Gillis. For example, he is suspected of assaulting his ex-lover Nicole Creamers, there is a major tax fraud investigation being conducted by the tax authorities and FOOD, and a court has closed catering facilities at three of his holiday parks because criminal money laundering is likely to take place there.

Gillis has been showing on SBS 6 since summer 2020. The ten seasons of the series Mass in cash It had a variable start date. For example, the first series started in August, but the first episode of Season 10 premiered in May this year. It is watched by an average of 650,000 people Mass in cash.

In SBS 6’s fall programming, there are programs such as I love Holland, million yacht And Overall VIPs included. Include new programs Better late than neverwhich can be seen on SBS 6 instead of RTL 4 from September 6, and The Walk You never walk alone. It will be broadcast starting next Sunday. Also new Good news todayWhich carries positive news every business day in the evening from October 2nd.

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