Eva Jinek can’t imagine a relationship with someone who doesn’t like animals

Eva Jinek can't imagine a relationship with someone who doesn't like animals

Eva considers herself a true animal lover, but just when considering there are people who don’t like animals, the presenter has to scratch behind her ears – not hers. “I think it’s crazy for someone to have ‘nothing’ with animals,” says Eva. “Her world revolves around her cats and it is overflowing with love.” I adore my cats, go crazy with them, talk to them and they have sixteen thousand nicknames and two thousand toys. I realized that this is madness that you do not have to look for, but underneath is a worldview inextricably linked with compassion and care for everything younger than me,” she explains almost poetically.

For this reason, she cannot imagine a relationship with a person who does not feel love for these little creatures. “I find it complicated,” says Eva. “It fits my world of working with animals.”

Fortunately for Eva, and therefore for him as well, her husband also shares this love for their four-legged friends. “When my husband Dexter, who is very gentle with cats, hits Coco, I see in Coco what she really wants: two hits on the head, long with the tail, a little pull on the tail, then immediately proceeds to tickle behind the ear,” says Eva.

Despite well-meaning instructions, her husband usually wants to decide for himself how to pet the pussies at home. Eva concludes, “But sometimes, especially for me, he still does my instructions. Then you hear the cat grunt very loudly in the room and I’m excited.”

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