Corona news: Celebrate the carnival in your own environment and avoid large groups

Foto: CV de Spekzullekes

Minister Ernst Kuipers (Public Health) is entering the new phase with “great confidence” in which almost all coronavirus measures will be phased out. He announced at a press conference next Friday, that nearly all restrictions will be gone. “I am really optimistic,” the minister said. The high number of injuries and the low acceptance of Corona patients in hospitals makes him optimistic. He said the facilities on February 25 “will continue as usual.”

After that, almost all restrictions will be removed. In recent months, coronavirus infections have skyrocketed. Sometimes half a million infections were reported weekly. According to the Minister of Welfare, it appears that we are currently “at or above the peak”. The Cabinet will finalize the procedures gradually in three steps. “Everything will open again,” Kuipers said. He said that this is happening quickly and in great strides. First of all, the advice to receive only four people in the house will immediately disappear. The advice to work from home is also easy.

On Fridays, the food and culture industry can be open until 1am. Here the obligatory mask and seat disappear. The isolation period for the infected will also be shortened to five days. The last step will follow on February 25th. Then almost all actions disappear, including the Corona card. To protect the vulnerable, a mask remains mandatory on public transport and at the airport. For large events indoors without a fixed seat, mandatory testing is still necessary. The cabinet will consider the latest measures on March 15.

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