EU and US trade summit continues in Pittsburgh despite AUKUS deal crisis

EU and US trade summit continues in Pittsburgh despite AUKUS deal crisis

EU sources said on Thursday that there were doubts about the conference following US President Joe Biden’s decision to end the security agreement with Australia and the United Kingdom without consulting the EU. The Netherlands was one of the countries that wanted to pursue the Trade and Technology Council (TTC) set up in June.

France, in particular, was frustrated with the concluded AUKUS defense deal, which resulted in the EU losing more than 30 billion euros in submarine contracts. After the conversation between Biden and President Emmanuel Macron, the conflict between France and the United States eased somewhat. But other events, such as the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, have shocked the EU over America’s lone behavior.

DTC has ten working groups, which discuss technical cooperation, standards modernization, screening of foreign investment and export controls. According to locals, the two economic powers have already reached a number of agreements and in recent weeks have been able to reach an agreement on standards for artificial intelligence. It will be announced in Pittsburgh.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said after a meeting with his French counterpart that it would take time to restore ties with France. “We know it’s hard work, not just in words, but in deeds,” Blingen told reporters in Washington on Thursday.

French President Macron was outraged by the AUKUS security deal between the UK, US and Australia, which canceled the purchase of more than 30 billion euros of French submarines. The French ambassadors to the United States and Australia were recalled and Le Trian spoke of ‘punching in the back’.

After US President Joe Biden telephoned Macron on Wednesday, the French ambassador has already promised to return to Washington next week.

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