Dutch ‘Wonderhuisje’ that survived La Palma volcano spread all over the world | Instagram

Dutch 'Wonderhuisje' that survived La Palma volcano spread all over the world |  Instagram

creative pictureA rare volcanic eruption in La Palma has destroyed hundreds of homes in recent days, but miraculously one home escaped the lava flow. This house, which has already been renamed the “House of Miracles” on the island, was designed by a Dutch woman. “We all started crying when I told the homeowners that their beloved home was intact.”

Cumbre Vega erupted on Sunday after thousands of earthquakes had already occurred in the previous days. Lava flows have destroyed hundreds of buildings on the Canary Island off the Moroccan coast in recent days.

Amid all the grief, the islanders are clinging to a single image that is currently spreading around the world. The iconic image, taken by photographer Alfonso Escalar, shows an undamaged house amid a charred black landscape, shrouded in smoke and lava.


The designer of the White House with red roof tiles is of Dutch origin. According to the Spanish newspaper the scientist The film revolves around Ada Monnikendam, a woman who has lived in La Palma since 1976. She and her husband lead a company that built the home three decades ago for a Danish couple, who are now elderly and have not been in La Palma since the pandemic.

According to Monnikendam, the couple are relieved that the house is still there. The Danes have many close friends who have lost everything as a result of the destructive lava flows. “They don’t want to talk to anyone because they can’t stop crying,” Monnikendam said. BBC.

The house is located in El Paraíso, where more than half of the homes and the local school have been destroyed. Monnikendam says the Danish couple chose La Palma precisely because of the volcanic landscape the scientist. “They have enjoyed it for 30 years and are very happy here. Sadly the house is there without anyone looking after it.”


The featured story of “House of Wonders” is World news gradually And also makes a great impression on Jan Verstige, the Dutch ambassador to Spain. Among all the grief, there are often bright spots, such as the many stories that talk about people helping each other, or making themselves useful, for example, evacuating many animals from the area. And the special story about a miraculously saved little house,” he wrote in a Facebook message.

Although they (the owners of the editor) had a great passion for volcanoes, they did not expect in their wildest dreams that their place would be in the news, and that many of their neighbors and friends in El Paraíso would be deceived. . I wish everyone affected a lot of strength.

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The travel organization TUI welcomed 79 Dutch vacationers from La Palma yesterday, who had not been able to leave the day before. Their trip had to be postponed due to the volcanic eruption on the island. Ash particles in the upper layers of the air can cause problems in the plane.

Vacationers spent an extra night in hotels from Wednesday to Thursday. The weather has improved since Thursday, so the flight is on its way to La Palma to pick up travelers. Other holidaymakers who wish to cut short their trip early can also return to the Netherlands. TUI won’t bring vacationers to the island for the rest of the week, as lava flows from the volcano for the fifth day in a row.

On Monday, dozens of travelers had already been evacuated from the Sol La Palma hotel located in the lava-stricken area of ​​the island. Access roads are closed. Since some of the travelers were elsewhere on the island, their belongings could not be taken. They have not returned after Thursday and it is not clear when that will be possible, as local authorities do not yet allow traffic in that part of the island, according to TUI. These vacationers have already returned to the Netherlands, or will return on Thursday.

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