Dyantha Brooks can’t hold back the tears at Rooijakkers Over The Floor

Dyantha Brooks can't hold back the tears at Rooijakkers Over The Floor

After Ewot had spent the afternoon at Dyantha and her family’s home, and had gone for a walk in the Albert Cuyp Market, it was time to visit Dyantha’s parents. The presenter’s parents proudly tell how they follow their daughter on the tube every day with admiration. “She’s your daughter and all of a sudden you see her on TV. She’s become somewhat of a star,” her mother said. Diantha’s father also talks about how proud he is of his daughter, after Ewot asked him. “100 percent,” he says with conviction, “300 percent.”

Dianta herself cannot remain dry after these words from her parents and begins to cry. β€œIt instantly makes me so emotional. I think it’s great that my parents are so proud,” she says, touched. “Because of the hormones,” she says with a laugh, the pregnant woman tries to hold back her tears.

Not only are Dyantha’s parents big fans, but her grandmother also has a hand in it. “I watch everything,” her grandmother says. β€œI buy all the papers. Always at Albert Heijn. All the papers. I am very proud,” her grandmother added.

Rooijakkers above ground It can be seen every Wednesday at 9:30pm on RTL 4 or it can be seen on Videoland. Watch excerpts from the broadcast here.

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