Analyst: Apple will launch the new iPhone SE with 5G in April or May – tablets and phones – News

Maybe I’m getting old, but when we were still typing on physical keyboards, “current” became “high fidelity” at most once. Then modern forecasters make him a homeowner, and the writer is very accustomed to artificial intelligence and blindly trusts it, so he does not check his writing after clicking on the touch screen.

This is too bad, a new road, to misunderstand. The Tower of Babel will not confuse tongues by introducing different languages, but by usurping the language with the “I’m always right” artificial intelligence and the timid laziness with which the average air follows these shows, without really realizing it. Promotes.

I may already be 39, but the fact that this is tolerable is severe vomiting. At least turn on your damn brain when you react, while consuming you can just be a cute headless capitalist zombie again, but then leave the Post Comment button as is. How do you see totally wrong, irrelevant and wrong word about ef joe sie kej ai and ghie head. a stranger.

And tomorrow I’m going, forbidden, using less powerful language than some politician who’s got over 250,000 votes, because that’s how Tweakers roll, detached from reality and living in a kind of academic wannabe bubble with no actual talent :)

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