Kitkat and Maggi products in Albert Heijn are not on the shelves at the moment

Kitkat and Maggi products in Albert Heijn are not on the shelves at the moment

Products of the brands Maggi, Nescafe, KitKat and Garden Gourmet will not be found on the shelves of Albert Heijn in the near future. There is a struggle between the supermarket chain and parent company Nestlé over the high prices of the brands. Due to the dispute, the food company has decided not to supply the products for the time being.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said negotiations with Nestlé had stalled. “Nestlé wants to implement price increases of more than 20 per cent that are not adequately explained by cost increases. We find this unacceptable for our customers,” a spokesman for Albert Heijn told ANP news agency.

Frozen snacks from Mora

The chain annually negotiates prices with its suppliers. Due to competition with other supermarkets, Albert Heijn wants to keep prices as low as possible.

Suppliers, in turn, are struggling all over the world with a sharp rise in prices for raw materials. Supermarkets find that suppliers are using inflation as an excuse to raise prices more than is actually necessary.

According to Distrifood, the supermarket chain is also in a dispute with supplier Ad van Geloven, known for Mora’s frozen snacks. Albert Heijn says those negotiations are now in the “closing stage”. The supermarket chain expects to be able to supply Ad van Geloven products again soon.

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