March 24, 2023

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Doutzen Kroes denounces Corona's policy, but has received thousands of euros in Corona support مشاهد

Doutzen Kroes denounces Corona’s policy, but has received thousands of euros in Corona support مشاهد

This writes quote Based on Public data from UWV About NOW Support for Entrepreneurs. In total, the top model received €18,817 in NOW support during the five submission periods. It is likely that the amount transferred will not have a significant impact on the Friesian bank account. According to the latest estimate of quote Its assets are around 29 million euros.

NOW Support stands for Temporary Emergency Employment Emergency Measures and was created to help businesses with reduced turnover due to the Corona crisis.

in a July last year After “hours of research,” Cross said he doubts the sincerity of the media, the pharmaceutical industry, governments and major companies. The paradigm indicates that they will follow faulty motives in these dark times.

“Is it easier to control a society driven by fear?” she wrote in a message to her more than 7 million followers on Instagram. Do they want the best for us? And by “they” I’m talking about the media, the pharmaceutical industry, our governments and all the big companies that have very different interests from ours, it seems.

two months ago Cross also announced that he will not be vaccinated against the Corona virus. Also, the model does not want to prove that she is healthy so that she can “participate in society”. “I don’t accept excluding people on the basis of their medical condition,” she said. Moreover, according to Dotzen, freedom of expression is a right “worth fighting for, but we can only solve that with peace and love.”

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