“Amsterdam is actually too small for me,” says Ow Bram’s husband from Werkendam, a village of 11,215.

“Amsterdam is actually too small for me,” says Ow Bram’s husband from Werkendam, a village of 11,215.

In the department Han Lips watching TV Het Parool’s various editors write every day about what hits them on TV. today: Au pairs.

Roelph Jan Doen

You are almost 19 years old, young and scared with the world at your feet. Then she gets the chance to work as a husband in New York for a few months. Not only does this sound like a dream, but it also seems like a very powerful TV format. And so this week already began the fifth season of Au pairsBNNVARA’s success series on NPO3.

Again, the teaser promised plenty of drama: whining children, inconsequential parents, desperate husbands, crying into their selfie camera. But there was a little bit of that in the first episode.

In it we meet Bram, a mild-mannered 20-year-old from Werkendam who identifies himself as a transvestite. He could already see himself walking through New York with a cup of coffee in his hand, “like a real diva.” “Amsterdam is actually too small for me,” he says confidently. (Part of perspective: Werkendam has a population of 11,215). He ended up with a family with two kids, living in a cramped basement in Brooklyn. However, Bram thinks it’s “totally Gucci”.

Also au pair Sincha is quite personal. She calls herself a “wannabe vegan”: “It means I eat vegan but I’m open to everything. So if I’m in Peru I’d like to try guinea pigs and in China I’ll try dog ​​meat. Only if it’s allowed I’m not suddenly eating your dog.” I meant the latter as a reassurance, but it didn’t quite happen that way.

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Anyway, Sincha doesn’t seem like the perfect husband. Where Bram immediately goes to daycare when he meets his new family (“I saw in a season earlier that parents are like that”), Sensha hopes the kids don’t talk to her ’cause I don’t care about that right now.’ That will be three long months.

Au pairs It’s kind of a teenager I’m leaving, where you as a viewer are jealous of the audacity of the participants, and you can watch with pleasure how they walk in seven locks at the same time. The only question that remains unanswered is why would anyone accept a spouse who will bring your children to bring an entire camera crew with them.

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