Surprise visit of King Charles and Prince William to a mile-long queue

Surprise visit of King Charles and Prince William to a mile-long queue

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Britain’s King Charles and his eldest son Prince William made a surprise visit to the mile-long rows for Queen Elizabeth’s coffin.

Many people had been queuing for many hours to pass the coffin into Westminster Hall to say goodbye to the Queen.

The crowd welcomed the royal family with applause and cheers:

Charles and William shake hands with the crowd

The King and Prince spoke to the people in line and shook hands. “I hope you are not too freezing,” said the king to one of the thousands waiting. A security guard demanded that people turn off the phone and “shake hands and enjoy the moment.”

After a short while the King left by car, but Prince William stayed a little longer to talk to the people. The people in line said they made lifelong friends in this line. The prince’s woman told her she was “happy to wait.”

16 hours waiting

The waiting time has increased today to 4pm. Last night, volunteers distributed blankets and tea as the temperature dropped to 6 degrees. “It was cold last night, but we had great guys,” one of the people in line told The Associated Press last night. “It was worth it. I’d like to walk to the end of the world for my queen.”

Tonight, Prince William and Elizabeth’s seven other grandchildren will stand by the coffin in Westminster Hall for 15 minutes. Both William and Prince Harry will come in uniform, as King Charles requested.

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