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After that, the headset will be a little heavier due to the battery, and you also have more to do with screen lag/input lag and push.

With the Oculus CV1, this was already possible with the TPCast extension. The battery attaches to your belt or the accompanying belt. Over a 60GHz unidirectional wireless connection for video and a standard 5GHz 802.11n wireless network connection for USB signals (input + audio), there were no noticeable screen lag/input lag, or compression defects. However, part of the image on the left and right has been cropped to reduce the amount of bandwidth required.

So you have a cable between the headset and the strap, but you can let it run behind your back and it won’t get in the way. This solution works well once everything is set up properly for the particular playing area.

This is also why I don’t have this setting. It takes up so much space that it’s not really worth it to me. You also have to take into account that there is no conflicting wireless traffic (nothing on the same 5GHz channel), and the equipment is positioned correctly (Oculus cameras, 60GHz transmitter), so you don’t actually bump into anything when you’re using it,…

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