Dodgers-Padres 2 had a great swing, a loose goose and a life after long balls: Weird & Wild on LDS

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She was a goose on the loose! … Homer Air Jordan It was still flying! …and two naysayers, no one on is the new foolproof formula to score in the Phillies-Braves series!

But on the second day of coverage of the Weird and Wild Division Series, there’s only one place to start – with a guy swinging on the field who was headed toward the center of the earth.

1. More bounce per ounce

As Election Day approaches, you’ll likely hear a lot about swing states. But here in the Weird and Wild column, we’re much more interested in gorexson brovarswing condition.

That’s because, in the fourth round on Wednesday night, the Padres 5-3 Game 2 win over Dodgersthe swaying condition of the Provar looked kind of like this.

So what the hell is this? that was Padres“The left-swinging player takes an actual breakthrough, in a post-season nationally televised baseball game, at Clayton Kershaw’s curve ball bound for the home plate at Dodger Stadium—but he had to change planes at O’Hare first.

Look, I know this way more important things happened in the two Serie A games on Wednesday. But we have a lot of brilliant writers to chronicle these things. We only have one October Weird and Wild column. And what would have happened in these games was even stranger wilder than that swing…except maybe this one.

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