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Just a serious question, but what’s wrong with using this tool.
I don’t see any hitch with this at all, not because I don’t care about privacy, but because I don’t see a difference with the current situation.

– IP addresses are already logged when you log in (location)
With certain network solutions, you can also create a link to Azure based on your access point or network connection.
– Calendars are already visible (if only “busy”)

I really see a solution here that some companies have already done with PowerBI, because PowerBI, like this new solution, simply relies on data already available in Azure/office365.

So I really see a tool that makes planning and organizing easier.

Example situation:
A company with employees on the road often wants to schedule a meeting for its team.
In the tool he indicates which employees he wants to plan something, and at what period.

Then this tool looks based on a file
– Employee working hours (not only working hours but also working days)
Availability and departure
Titles in agendas and travel time around potential meeting moments
Possible options for rescheduling employee appointments to obtain the highest possible participation rate
Suggest whether or not employees are allowed to participate via teams.

The manager can now do this manually by viewing all the appointments and planning something for them.

I don’t see my response as an attack but really as a question to clarify what’s wrong with this tool. I do not see your objections to the current situation.

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