De Jong: 30% social rent everywhere, priority for ‘vulnerable’

De Jong: 30% social rent everywhere, priority for 'vulnerable'

Municipalities should aim to have 30 percent of housing consist of rented social housing. They should also do their best to help vulnerable groups quickly find affordable housing, for example by prioritizing them when allocating a home. This is in the note ‘A home for everyone’ By Minister of Housing and Spatial Planning de Jonge (VRO).

Vulnerable groups include homeless people, case owners, ex-prisoners, and the elderly who come from a nursing home or nursing home. Migrant workers and people of medical and social urgency also fall into this group.

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There is a huge shortage of affordable housing in the Netherlands, which is why the Cabinet wants to provide 230,000 new social rent homes by 2030. But Minister de Jong also wants more control over who will live in these desirable homes. No more than €763.47 per month may be paid for social housing.

Many beginners and middle-income people are looking for affordable housing, but according to the Cabinet, it is particularly difficult for homeless people, status holders, and migrant workers, among others. “Everyone deserves a home,” De Jonge wrote in his memo.

For years, efforts have been made to help these so-called focus groups find affordable housing more quickly. But this is difficult, not only because of the lack of social housing units. Municipalities often find it difficult to pass other home-seekers on the waiting list.

De Jonge now obliges municipalities to develop a concrete action plan. If affordable housing for the vulnerable is not going well, the minister will determine how many homes should belong to that particular group.

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