Songfestival update: S10 can recover, technical issues again | right Now

Songfestival update: S10 can recover, technical issues again |  right Now

After a very exciting evening, the S10 has some room to recover, while eighteen other artists prepare for the second semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest on Wednesday. My name is Lara Zefenberg and I’ll update you the next day to progress from the S10 to the Final.

Picnic blanket, tasty snacks, and iced tea: The S10 really has room to recover on Wednesdays. In a quiet park in Turin I spoke to the international and Dutch press after a short night. S10 told Because sleep wasn’t really possible yesterday. When she got back to the hotel, she was very happy, but she was also curious to know which artists had lost weight and how things had gone. So I sat late at night watching Ronela from Albania.

The Netherlands managed to qualify for the final for the sixth consecutive year on Tuesday and was once again the 10th country to be named. The EBU seems to be enjoying the tension in the Netherlands: it happened with Waylon in 2018 and the same thing happened four years ago when he partnered with Ilse DeLange.

Where the S10 can take it easy, artists from countries like Estonia, Romania and Cyprus won’t be around until Thursday. Finland opened the second semi-final and during the rehearsal there were still some technical problems. The lamps weren’t always able to find the exhibitors and because of the massive fixed pieces from San Marino, Australia and Cyprus, all performing one after the other, it didn’t go quite smoothly.

Speaking of those set pieces: Azerbaijan brought out a full podium, Malta sings on piano and Cyprus dances in a giant shell. San Marino takes the cake, because the singer brought in a mechanical bull. It’s totally important to get all of these pieces on and off stage in the few seconds between performances. During the rehearsal, it became clear that the layout of the semi-finals could have been better in this regard. This presents a challenge for presenters: they have to bridge those times by talking about everything together seamlessly.

The top three places according to betting and where is the Netherlands?

  • 1. Ukraine – Kalush Orchestra – Stefania
  • 2. Italy – Mahmoud and Blanco – Privedi
  • 3. UK – Sam Ryder – Spaceman
  • 9. Holland – S10 – Depth

Sweden was out of luck again. Cornelia Jacobs had major problems with her microphone during the second practice. Her photographer almost turned upside down with Cable: it didn’t go so well. Although the singer told that she hopes things will go smoothly, her music did not start again during rehearsal.

She wasn’t the only one, although that was immediately apparent to her during rehearsals. Romania was allowed to perform again because the WRS singer could not hear himself properly. Poland seemed to have the same problem, which prompted Uchmann, who had already changed, to repeat his rehearsal in jeans. Montenegro, Belgium and the Czech Republic were also allowed again.

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